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DIY Doll County Fair and Prizes - Summer On The Farm 2019

To most, the word “fair” brings to mind sweet cotton candy and thrilling rides, but did you know that farm animals are a part of fairs too? Once a year, farmers will pack up their furry (and feathered!) friends, then they’re off for the County Fair!

While farm animals don’t ride rollercoasters like we do, they do participate in their own kind of event, known as County Fairs or Agricultural Fairs. Originally, these events began when farmers and their families took the day off to socialize as they celebrated accomplishments in the agricultural community. Animals and new farming equipment were brought to the fair for display, and soon contests were held to see who owned the finest creature. Cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and many more animals came to the fair annually for competitions judged on their breed and appearance. As the fair’s audience grew, so did the variety of events! Baking competitions, concerts, and entertainment soon accompanied the traditional agricultural show, and many county fairs slowly changed to the modern fair we know of today.

Perhaps the most famous animal to visit a county fair is Wilbur, the beloved pig from Charlotte’s Web! Fearing that he will end up as bacon on the breakfast plate, Wilbur and his spider friend, Charlotte, devise a plan to keep Wilbur in the barnyard and away from the smokehouse. Each night, Charlotte spins words into her web that describe Wilbur’s unique personality. After Farmer Zuckerman is finally convinced that Wilbur is truly “Some Pig”, Wilbur is on his way to the Somerset County Fair, where he wins a prize for being the most popular pig around!

Is your doll ready to visit the County Fair and enter with her own animal? Let’s prepare the fair grounds!


Instructions for Banner

1. Cut out the banner template. There will be two triangles: one large and one small.

2. Trace the large triangle onto patterned scrapbook paper, then cut out 10 triangles. Repeat this process using the smaller triangle template.

Have fun with your patterns and colors! Mix and match to create fun looks.

3. Glue the small triangles in the center of each large triangle.

4. Spell out the words “County Fair” on each triangle by writing or using sticker letters.

5. Cut a long piece of string or ribbon. Add a small dot of hot glue on the back of each triangle in the word “county”, then secure onto the string. Repeat this process with a smaller piece of string for the word “fair”.

Depending on where you want to display your doll’s County Fair, you can tape the banner to a backdrop OR tie the ends of the string onto dowel rods and stake them in the ground.

Instructions for Winner’s Podium

1. Arrange three small boxes or crates to create a podium stage for the farm animals! Print out the podium labels, carefully cut, then attach accordingly to the crates using tape. I purchased my crates at Hobby Lobby (found on the party aisle).

Instructions for Blue Ribbons

1. Print out the ribbon template and cut out the ribbons. Then cut out the second ribbons on the template, but trim to a circle.

2. Glue a button or two in the center of the main ribbon, then attach the circle piece.

This adds dimension to the award for a 3D effect.

The fair grounds have been completed! All your doll needs is her prize-worthy pet. All sorts of farm animals are shown at the county fair— your doll could bring a cow, sheep, goat, pig, or even chickens!

Penney’s Farm Journal

Entry #3

Dear Mom,

Remember how you would to read bedtime stories to Blaire and me when we were little? I remember Blaire’s favorite was Charlotte’s Web, but I always thought it kind of scary. There were so many sticky webs and creepy crawly bug legs! But after today, I’ve learned not to judge a spider by its... well, sticky webs…

“Hey, Penney! I could use your help over here!” Blaire called from one side of the barn.

Yes! Here was a second chance to show Blaire that I could be a help on the farm, not a hindrance. Ever since my “spilled milk” incident the other day, I had been searching for opportunities to prove that I was capable of farm work. Immediately, I dropped my rake from scraping up extra hay and hurried over to Blaire’s side.

I stopped short for a second and squinted my eyes at what I saw— was my cousin bathing a pig? Blaire grinned sheepishly as she saw the subtle shock on my face.

“I know, seems weird to give a messy little pig a bath, but I was hoping to, um…” Blaire trailed off. This wasn't like my confident, outgoing cousin! I could tell that something else was on her mind.

Grabbing a sponge, I set to work on scrubbing Wilbur and waited patiently for Blaire to talk. Finally, she blurted out all at once, “Do you think it would be silly to enter Wilbur in this year’s county fair?”

“Silly?” I replied. “Not at all! If you want to do it, then I say go for it, Blaire!”

“I guess I’m just a little hesitant. You see, I entered the county fair once… with our cow, Maybelle, and…” Blaire grimaced at the memory. “It didn’t go so well.”

Letting my sponge soak in the water, I glanced over sympathetically at my cousin. “Don’t let a mishap from the past stop you from achieving your goals.” Suddenly a memory of my own flashed in my mind. I saw Maybelle kicking over the bucket, me getting discouraged about being a true farm girl. Maybe I could use a little of my own advice.

Blaire smiled halfheartedly, her gaze frozen toward the dusty barn wall. Various prize ribbons were on display, and though they had been worn down by age, they still stood proud and stately. “Mom has won the baking competitions, and Dad received a ribbon several times for the largest vegetable. I guess I just want to have a prize of my own up there one day…. You know, to be a part of something my family loves.”

“And you should!” I said encouragingly. “Blaire, I know you could win.”

“OINK, oink oink!”

“See, even Wilbur agrees!”

Wilbur continued to splash madly, oinking and squealing on his hind legs.

“Whoa now, settle down!” Blaire laughed as bubbles flew through the air. “Wilbur!”

Yet this excited pig would sit still. He wriggled and squirmed as Blaire washed, and finally leaped out the tub. Bouncing energetically on his hind legs with pools of water at his feet, he pointed his soft pink snout in the air.

“Wilbur, what on earth are you doing?” Blaire grabbed the pig and looked up at the eaves of the barn.

“Well, would you look at that!” she exclaimed.

I followed Blaire’s gaze to a small corner in near the roof. Hidden deep within the beams, a spiderweb’s silky strands had caught the light, but that was not even the most fascinating part. In the shining display was woven the word, “confidence”. The small spider who created this work was within our sight only for a second, then she crawled back up into the eaves and disappeared.

Blaire pointed to the web emphatically, her eyes gleaming in astonishment.

“It was Charlotte!! She did that, Penney!”

I couldn’t deny that it was truly a spectacular sight, despite my qualms about spiders. And the word Charlotte had chosen for her web— how fitting!

“It’s almost as if she made it just for me…” Blaire whispered.

After a moment of awestruck silence, Blaire squared her shoulders and stood taller in determination.

“I’m going to do it. I’m confident that this year will be better, so… Let’s enter Wilbur in the county fair!”

We both cheered, and then returned Wilbur to his former place in the washtub and started scrubbing.

It’s funny how sometimes the smallest of creatures give us the biggest inspiration. A thin, delicate web had motivated Blaire to take a leap of faith, and whether I wanted to admitted it or not, Charlotte’s web had encouraged me too— I wasn’t going to give up on the farm, no matter how many mistakes I made (or buckets of milk I spilled).

I took one last glance at the web once more before turning to help Blaire.

Thanks, Charlotte.

Farm Finds

  • Wooden crates- Hobby Lobby

  • Wilbur's washtub - Our Generation

  • Shampoo Bottles- Our Generation

Agriculture Alternatives

When crafting, improvise and create using what works best for YOU! At the end of each camp craft, we'll be sharing ideas for alternative materials.

  • Rather than printing out the awards, make your own using a water bottle cap and piece of ribbon. Trim the ribbon to the correct size, then secure to the cap with hot glue. Paint to create a fun and easy award!

A blue ribbon may not be the only thing you can win at the Summer On The Farm County Fair... Check back this afternoon for the announcement of the camp giveaway!

This Sunday is the very first Farm Flashback! Submit a photo of your completed craft, coloring page, or a picture of your doll's adventures on the farm.

Camp posts will be shared on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.

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