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DIY Doll Farmhouse Table and Party Decorations

Everything has built up to this moment— it's time to celebrate at the Farm Feast! Whether you have completed many of our crafts, or just a few, any and every doll has a place at the table.

Speaking of the table, how are the dolls going to enjoy a meal together if they don't have a place to spread out the food? And the party is "farm-fancy"— a little extra decor wouldn't hurt either! Don't worry, because we've got you covered. Gather your materials for the final farm feast craft!


  • Wide ribbon

  • Faux flowers and greenery

  • Thin Ribbon

  • Scrapbook paper

  • Glue stick

  • Small doll-sized watering can or vase

  • Two large paper-maché X's

  • Four small paper-maché X's

  • Xacto knife, scissors, or cutting tool

  • Foam board (thick and thin)

  • Hot glue gun

Instructions for Farmhouse Table

1. Begin by cutting a 7 and 1/2 x 16 inch rectangle of thin foam board for the tabletop, and four 3 and 1/4 x 16 inch rectangles of thick foam board for the bench. Once you have cut out each rectangle for the seat, attach two of the rectangles together, surface to surface. This will provide the correct height for the bench.

2. Paint or cover each piece of foam board with scrapbook paper. I'm using a dark wood grain that will make the legs of my table pop.

3. To accent the wood grain, you can paint your paper maché X's white for a little variation. Paint each large letter and each small one.

4. On both the table and the bench, secure the X's to the underside of the foam board pieces for support. The X on the bench, as seen in the photo above, is about 2 inches from the edge, while the X on the table is 1 inch away from the edge.

Your doll table is complete! This craft is super simple and easy, making it ideal for dollhouse furniture as well.

Instructions for Party Decorations

1. Once your table has been built, it's time to display our party products! Add the doll paper plates and cups from Monday's tutorial, along with doll silverware.

2. The centerpiece and runner are the two main elements of tabletop decoration. To create a rustic table runner, Cut a 20 inch long strip of burlap ribbon. Cut another strip of lace ribbon the same length, then hot glue to the burlap. Place on the table. *Crafter's tip: To keep the runner in place, tuck the ends of the runner under the table in one of the spaces made by the paper maché X.

To create the centerpiece place various types of faux (or real!) flowers in a doll-sized flower pot. If you want to take your decor a step further, use a mini watering can rather than a flower pot.

3. A refreshments table is a must when it comes to parties! Use a small doll table that you already have on hand, or make your own as I did by painting a medium sized candle stick, then hot glue a circular wooden plaque on top.

Place extra doll cups on the refreshments table, along with a few beverages and the menu from Monday's craft. This adorable doll drink dispenser was included in the Our Generation Picnic Table set. It works perfectly with the doll party!

Here's a quick craft idea if you don't have a drink dispenser: Fill an empty baby food container or other small jar with pink or yellow slime (to represent lemonade). Once the lid is on nice and tight, hot glue a water bottle cap on top of the lid. Cut the bendable part of a drink straw, then bend at an angle to create the dispenser spigot. Paint the attached pieces any color of your choice, and now your dolls can fill up their drinks with ease!

4. Greenery helps to create a more natural and outdoorsy feel at any doll party. Faux green shrubs and plants (like the ones shown above from Hobby Lobby) can be placed around the celebration area for an extra touch. And of course, this is a farm party, so our barnyard friends must be present! Let a few of your doll's farm animals "wander" throughout the scene.

More Party Ideas:

  • Dress your dolls in a fancy outfit for the occasion

  • If you have access to a electrical outlet, plug in fairy lights or doll-sized lanterns for a warm ambience

  • Stand a small chalkboard sign near your party as a welcome sign for guests

  • Add doll-sized hay bales for extra seating

  • Use extra doll food to fill up plates

Penney's Farm Journal

Entry #7

Dear Mom,

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to watch so many hours of work and preparation finally come together to make something beautiful? That's exactly what I felt like today at the farm feast! It’s been such a busy afternoon, between finishing the last details and acting as a hostess, but I just can't wait to tell you all that happened at the celebration...

“Penney, are you sure the table looks good? I’ve rearranged this centerpiece three times and it still seems drab!” My cousin’s forehead creased in worry as she flutter nervously around the long farmhouse table.

“Everything is as perfect as can be, Blaire.” I assured her, placing a fork next to one of the dishes. “There’s simply nothing to worry about.”

For a split second, I sympathized with Blaire's fears. Would all of our planning help make the long-awaited farm feast a success? Were we really capable of pulling this off? Yet as I scanned the event area, taking in all of the hard work and effort we had put into the party, it became clear that this year’s feast would be more farm-tastic than ever before.

However, not everyone believed that.

“Ohhhhh,” Blaire moaned in despair as she sunk onto the table’s nearby bench. “I’m sure we’ve forgotten something. I just know I’ve messed up somewhere and the whole celebration will fail because of it.”

Reaching over, I put my hands on Blaire’s shoulders. “C’mon, this isn’t like you! What happened to the outgoing, confident farm girl that helped me find my place on her family’s farm?”

A weak smile crept halfway across Blaire’s face. “I guess that girl is just worried that she’s not a good, well…” My cousin stopped mid-sentence and looked away.

“…Party planner. Mom and Granny made it look so easy! But preparing for something this big isn’t a breeze, and I know I can never measure up to the way they did things.” Blaire slumped over again and sighed heavily.

“And to think, I was worried that I wouldn’t be a true farm girl by the end of the month.” I grinned and took a step back. “Look at me! I’m wearing actual rubber boots, my fear of spiders is completely gone, and I can milk a cow— well, I’m still working on that one— but do you think I was unsure the first time I did those things?”

By now, Blaire’s face had brightened a bit as she listened.

“If I had given up on my first day, I would have also given up on my goal of becoming a farm girl. Sometimes, 'we just need a little time to grow' as Cat says. And look at this place,” I twirled around and gestured toward each detail of the party. “I’d say you’re already off to a great start! Give yourself time to grow, Blaire, and soon you’ll be the best party planner in all of Blue Hill County.”

Blaire jumped to her feet and pulled me into a big, squeezy hug. “Thanks, Penney. I’m glad that you're always there for me."

Within the next hour, guests began to arrive— relatives, aunts, uncles, and longtime family friends. The barnyard soon mixed with the sounds of clucking chickens and people chatting. I stood by Blaire, soaking everything in.

“Wow, I never imagined THIS many people would be here. Do you know everyone?”

Blaire laughed at my question. “Mostly. There’s a few aunts whose names I mix up, but I do remember… Granny!!

My cousin suddenly shrieked with joy as Aunt Maggie and a spry old woman made their way towards us.

Granny greeted Blaire and me with a warm smile. “There’s my girls!”

“We’re so glad you’re here, Mom,” Aunt Maggie said, wrapping her arm around the silver headed lady.

“Me too, hon. And my land, you’ve made everything so beautiful this time, Maggie. I don’t know how you do it!”

Blaire blushed with delight while Aunt Maggie proudly explained, “Actually, these two did it all— the cooking, planning, and decorating. Before you know it, they'll be filling my role as the party coordinator!”

“Pure talent!” Granny exclaimed.

We led Granny over to the long farmhouse table where we would be sitting.

“Oh!” she gasped, running a firm yet weathered hand over the antique plate. “My old china… How did you girls ever think of that? It’s lovely!”

“That's not even the best part!” I hinted.

Throughout the whole feast, Blaire and I continued to talk back and forth with Granny, telling her about each detail of the decorations, how we cooked the quiche, and if we would ‘show her how to arrange flowers like the centerpiece’. I glanced over once to see Granny’s eyes sparkling— whether they were from tears of joy or sunlight, I would soon find out.

The meal ended pleasantly, everyone content and happy, just as Aunt Maggie had mentioned in the kitchen not long ago.

Wait, the kitchen. The cake. We hadn’t brought out our dessert yet!!

Blaire and I dashed indoors and returned, tediously tip-toeing with the ‘Blaire-berry’ layer cake in hand.

“Now, Granny,” I began, blocking the dessert from her view. “While Blaire and I were cooking for the farm feast, we found an old recipe. In fact, it was a very special recipe of yours which we heard was a farm feast tradition. We decided to bake it, but with a twist.” I looked over my shoulder at Blaire, who nodded reassuringly.

“Inspired by Blaire herself, we’d like to present to you…”

Setting down the cake in front of Granny, both of us exclaimed, “The Blaire-berry Layer Cake!”

If Granny had gasped at the sight of the party, she nearly choked when she saw the cake.

“Girls, girls! My land, what a wonderful surprise! I can't believe the way you gave my chocolate cloud cake a whole new look..." Granny swiped her pinky across the cake and tasted a bit of icing. "Not to mention a new taste, too! I'm honored, honored indeed!” Granny glowed with happiness as a tear escaped from her eye. “It’s perfect. Just perfect.”

“Penney and Granny,” Blaire said sweetly, holding out the cake knife. “Would you be kind enough to serve the cake?”

“It would be my pleasure.” Granny replied, beaming with joy. Setting my hand on top of my grandmother’s, we both sliced into the first piece of cake.

That moment, I could boast of a full stomach, one happy heart, and best of all, a memorable meal enjoyed with the people I loved most.

Farm Finds

  • Penney's outfit - Camp Value Set from Elite Doll World

  • Blaire's outfit - Top (Camp Value Set from Elite Doll World), Bottoms (American Girl)

  • Granny's outfit - Dress (Ruthie's retired meet outfit from American Girl), Hat (Blaire's gardening accessories from American Girl), Glasses (Molly's retired spectacles from American Girl), Grey hair (A photoshop trick!)

Agriculture Alternatives

When crafting, improvise and create using what works best for YOU! At the end of each camp craft, we'll be sharing ideas for alternative materials.

  • If you can't find paper maché X's, use another letter instead, such as 'I', 'H', or 'V'.

  • Use real flowers instead of faux ones.

Camp posts will be shared on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.

If you complete a craft or want to share a photo of your doll at camp, snap a picture and send it in, OR share on Instagram using the hashtag #SummerOnTheFarm2019 to be featured in the Farm Flashback each Sunday!


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