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DlY Doll Astronaut Space Food - Doll STEM Camp 2018

Freeze-dried Ice cream is one of the most popular space treats, but believe it or not, astronauts cannot eat it in outer space! The snack is too crumbly and floating particles can cause damage to the delicate parts of a rocket.

Your doll will need energy to complete her missions, and since astronaut ice cream isn’t allowed on board, why not give full freeze-dried meals a try? It may seem unappetizing to take a bite of dehydrated mac-and-cheese, however, space food has actually come a long way since it was first invented!

Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, ate from toothpaste-type tubes containing puréed meat and chocolate sauce. As more and more humans were launched into space, the astronauts soon found the food unpleasant and difficult to rehydrate. Since then, new methods for storing and rehydrating food have been developed, along with a slightly tastier selection to choose from. The freeze-dried meals must provide a specific amount of nutrients and vitamins for working astronauts.

Is your doll ready to taste freeze-dried food? Today, we have a special guest crafter. We welcome Brandy from Brandy's Happy Home to Doll STEM Camp 2018! Brandy has created an adorable, easy-to-follow tutorial for doll astronaut food that we can't wait for you to try!


*Always have adult supervision when using an oven

Full instructions for this craft can be found on Brandy's blog! Click HERE.

I loved creating my own doll-sized space food while following Brandy's tutorial!

These look so realistic, and they'll definitely keep my doll's tummy from rumbling during missions.

Luciana and Ella are already eager to try astronaut food for themselves!

Special thanks to Brandy's Happy Home for hosting today's craft!

Astro Alternatives

When crafting, improvise and create using what works best for YOU! At the end of each camp craft, we'll be sharing ideas for alternative materials.

  • Substitute small baggies for plastic wrap

  • Use colorful beads in the place of clay

Camp posts will be shared on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.

If you complete a craft or want to share a photo of your doll at camp, snap a picture and send it in or share on Instagram using the hashtag #DollSTEMCamp2018 to be featured in the Camp Recap each Sunday!Email:

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