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DlY Doll Hydroponic Garden - Doll STEM Camp 2018

Up in space, astronauts can't run to the grocery store for food like we do here on earth, so what is their alternative to create a healthy meal? They use fresh greens, grown right from a hydroponic garden!

Hydroponics (the process of using water to grow plants) plays a big role in space exploration. There is no soil for plants in space, so hydroponics has become the popular substitute! Astronauts study, observe, and eat the greens they grow. The plants also help to provide oxygen inside the space station, which is very important to maintain life.

Since most space missions are relatively short, freeze-dried food can meet an astronauts needs. However, long-term missions may be a possibility in the future, so a reliable food source can be found in Hydroponics! Scientists are currently studying and looking for more ways that Hydroponic gardens can be of use in space.

Let's get our dolls growing with their own Hydroponic Garden!


  • Hydroponic Garden Printables

  • 3 paper towel tubes

  • White Paint and paintbrush

  • Artificial Greenery

  • X-acto knife our cutting tool

  • Hot glue gun

  • Black Paper or cardstock

  • Foamboard

*Always have adult supervision when working with sharp or hot objects

1. Print out the Hydroponic Garden Printable. Carefully cut on the black lines, and attach the printable together on the dotted lines.

2. Trace onto white foam board and cut two pieces. We will use this in an upcoming step.

3. Measure and mark 3 holes in your paper towel tube. In the photo above, I have provided the measurements I used for reference. Carefully cut out the holes with an X-acto knife or cutting tool. Repeat this step on your remaining two paper towel tubes.

4. Paint the tubes white.

5. Cut a 5 by 5.5 inch square of cardstock. Roll the paper into a small tube, and secure with hot glue. You can also use large drink straws and paint them black, however they may not be as large.

Repeat this step to create 9 small tubes.

6. Glue each tube into one of the holes cut earlier.

7. Glue the paper towel tubes onto the foam board piece cut earlier. In the picture above, they are spaced approximately 3 inches apart.

Fill your garden with greenery, and your hydroponic garden is good to grow!

The girls all rush into the science lab- there are so many fun things to see and do!

Johanna, fascinated by the Hydroponic Garden, carefully observes each small plant.

Ella prefers a challenge, so she studies notes on a complicated robotics project.

Over at the chemistry station, Luciana experiments with different solutions. Be careful, Luciana!

There's so much more to come in the Doll STEM Camp Lab! Stay tuned to see Luciana and the crew's triumphs (and troubles!) as they learn to work as a team.

Astro Alternatives

When crafting, improvise and create using what works best for YOU! At the end of each camp craft, we'll be sharing ideas for alternative materials.

  • Large drinking straws can be used in the place of card stock tubes

  • Use real leaves and plants from outside instead of artificial greenery (Just remember to replace them every now and then!)

Camp posts will be shared on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.

If you complete a craft or want to share a photo of your doll at camp, snap a picture and send it in or share on Instagram using the hashtag #DollSTEMCamp2018 to be featured in the Camp Recap each Sunday!Email:

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