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7 Essentials For A Doll Photoshoot

You've been planning a American Girl photoshoot for days now, maybe even weeks! The dolls are dressed and ready, your camera is charged, and the perfect location has been scouted out. Everything is going just as planned when you arrive on the photo scene... until you realize that your much-needed doll hairbrush is no where to be found!

If this has happened to you before, don't worry- you're not alone! I've experienced similar problems (and worse!) many times as a doll photographer. Whether you're preparing for a shoot big or small, there are a few basic items every photographer needs on hand. Today, I'll be sharing my 7 essentials for a doll photoshoot, and I hope they'll be a help as you embark on your next AG photography session!

1. A box or tub

Packing up dolls and props in a box keeps things organized and neat. It also prevents the possible danger of dropping items, or even a doll (gasp!). Old laundry baskets work wonderfully since they are sturdy and lightweight.

2. Reflector

I never leave for a photoshoot without my reflector! A reflector is a piece of foil or white material used to bounce light back into your subject's face. It's especially handy when shooting in shady areas, or if the doll's back is to the light source. Reflectors come in several sizes and are made of different reflecting material. Not long ago, I purchased one on Amazon that is reversible and compact; it's awesome! However, there are many other things that can be used as reflectors. A white piece of foam board or a car sun shade are good alternatives.

3. Skewers

I wish I had known about skewers when I first began doll photography! Great for both indoor and outdoor shoots, skewers help dolls stay balanced and upright. They are especially handy on windy days, and if positioned behind the doll just right, the skewers won't be seen at all in your pictures!

4. Beach Towel

While you may not be on a photoshoot by the shore, a beach towel is definitely essential for outdoor photoshoots! Placing the towel ground allows you to get down on the doll's level and capture amazing shots without ruining your outfit or scraping a knee.

5. Water

It's super important to stay hydrated during photoshoots, especially in the summer. Sometimes I get so focused on my blog projects that when I'm through taking pictures, my throat will be dry and my face is warm! A quick sip of water in between shots helps your body stay cool and refreshed.

6. Clear rubber bands

This item is the "invisible glue" for doll photos. Clear rubber bands are used to secure an item in your doll's hands. The rubber bands are hardly seen, and can be removed from the final photo entirely if editing programs are available.

7. Hair comb and mist bottle

Have you ever taken an incredible photo, then noticed that the doll's hair is frizzy on one side and flyaways stick out in every direction? A hair comb and mist bottle will solve that problem! Mist bottles can be found on the beauty aisle in most stores, and just one spritz will keep doll hair smooth and flyaway-free. Having a brush on hand can also help styles stay in place. Just make sure it's approved for 18 inch dolls! (American Girl and Our Generation offer wire brushes made specifically for doll hair.)

There are so many other things that assist in photoshoots, but I always make sure to pack my 7 essentials! You never know what you may need; it's good to be prepared!

Coming Soon: Doll Photography Tips

Check back here for the next post in this series!

-AG Doll Crafter

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