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Farm Camp Conclusion - Giveaway Winners Announced!

Before we leave the farm for the summer, there's one last task we need to complete.

Give a round of applause for cousins Blaire and Penney as they announce the winners of the Summer On The Farm camp giveaway!

"Welcome one, welcome all, to the Blue Hill County Fair!"

"Each of you have inspired us so much during the past four weeks— we absolutely loved hearing your camp stories and seeing your DIY creations, not to mention all the spectacular entries we've received for the giveaway! So without further ado, it's time to reveal the winners of this year's county fair."

"In third place, we're happy to present the green ribbon to..."

Angel Miller and her flock of chickens!

"Very well done, Angel! An egg-celent prize will be coming your way soon. Moving on to third place..."

"The winner is..."

Brooklyn Harms and her fantastic goat!

MaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Hooray! You won the prize!)

"Goats... Ahem. Now, the moment you've all been waiting for..."

"The winner..."

"Of the grand prize package..."


Nikki and her adorable piglet!

"Congrats, Nikki, you are the winner of the grand prize package! In honor of the occasion, the county fair judges would like to present you with a blue ribbon."

"Once again, congratulations to the winners! Be on the lookout for an email coming your way soon. We would like to thank all entrants participating in the giveaway. There are more fun giveaways coming soon; we will keep you posted! Until next time, farewell fellow farm girls!"

What an unforgettable summer this has been! We loved spending every minute of it crafting, creating, and connecting with YOU. Though Summer On The Farm is coming to an end, don't stop sharing your photos! We will be sharing your creations in the Farm Flashback for the remainder of summer.

We have one last gift for all our campers. The camp farmhands would like to present you with your very own official Summer On The Farm Certificate!

Each and everyone one of you has truly earned it, and so have your dolls! To print the certificate, click the image above.

Penney's Farm Journals

Final Entry

“Hold still, Wilbur, you’re not dry yet,” My cousin quickly wiped Wilbur with a dry towel as he wiggled and squirmed.


“Oh, alright, alright,” Blaire said with a playful pat on Wilbur’s bottom. “I guess that will have to do. We leave for the county fair in five minutes though, so don’t get muddy again!"

Ah, the county fair. It was the most anticipated day of the summer! Well, mine and Blaire’s summer at least, but that’s not to say that other farmers and families weren’t looking forward to it also! Participants were gathering from all over the county, each one knowing that they would be met with local fame or unfortunate failure. I could only hope that Blaire and Wilbur would be one of the lucky finalists.

“Blaire, sweetie, we need to get on the road if you want to make it there in time!” Aunt Maggie called from outside the barn.

“Well, this is it,” Blaire grinned nervously as she turned to me. I knew at once that she wasn’t just talking about the county fair.

Today was also my last day on Pleasant View, my final chance to share a special adventure right beside Blaire. Four weeks seem so short when you reach the end, but I shook the thought of my coming departure and tried to stay present in the moment. Be there for Blaire, I kept reminding myself.

“Wilbur, here,” Blaire beckoned.

Reeeeee! Oink oink! Wilbur pranced in place, evidently not wanting to leave his corner of the barn.

Frustration began to nip at Blaire. “Hey now, you can’t back out of this! We’ve already signed up!”

“Wilbur, let’s go,” I commanded, taking a step towards the pig.

But then something strange happened… oddly, something Blaire and I had seen before. Wilbur stood on his hind legs and bounced, snout up towards the roof. It was then that I realized he was trying to tell, or rather show us something.

“Oh my goodness!” Blaire exclaimed in bewilderment as she pointed toward the eaves of the barn. “Penney, do you see that?”

I stared at the display before my eyes. “I sure do! It’s one of Charlotte’s webs!”

And indeed it was. Charlotte had managed to weave another creative masterpiece, and just as before, exactly at the right time.

“It says ‘winner’, but I don’t understand. We haven’t even been to the county fair yet…” Blaire trailed off, pondering Charlotte’s spider-silk statement.

I smiled, understanding what this tiny, incredible creature was trying to say.

“Charlotte’s right— you’re already a winner, Blaire. Win or lose, we’ve come so far together this past month. You had the confidence to take a chance at the county fair, and I was able to become a real farm girl thanks to you. I think that in itself is worthy of a blue ribbon.”

Blaire beamed as she looked once more at Charlotte’s web, hidden like a jewel among the eaves.

“You’re right, Penney and Charlotte. We’ve already won.”

Peaceful silence filled the the barn, until a shout rang out, “Blaire, we’ve GOT to go!”

“Oops, I almost forgot!” Blaire giggled, and this time around, we had no trouble at all herding Wilbur out of the barn. He really was ‘some pig’!

Once we pulled up at the county fair, Blaire and I jumped out with Wilbur, gave a quick wave toward Aunt Maggie, then dashed toward the judges arena at full speed.

A group of animals and owners trod around before us, displaying their livestock to the judges. Before we could survey the various events happening, Blaire and Wilbur’s name were called— we had made it just in time! Blaire took a deep breath, walking confidently in the center of the arena. She led Wilbur in a perfect circle, stopping only for an instant to allow the official an inspection of her little piglet. Then, after a stern nod from the head judge, the team made their exit. Blaire returned to my side with Wilbur, her face a bit flushed but otherwise exhilarated by the performance.

“That was surprisingly easy,” Blaire breathed in deeply, then exhaled with a grin.

“I knew you could do it,” I said, throwing her a wink.

Waiting for the other contestants to be judged seemed like hours rather than minutes, but at last, the ceremony began.

The head judge, sharp and neat in her crisp dress, made her way to the front of the crowd and set up a microphone.

“Excuse me, excuse me,” She declared loudly into the speaker. “The judges have made their decision. When called, please come to the front to receive your prize.”

The crowd held their breath as the judge began listing names for the lower finalists.

“Josie Carter… Henry Anderson… Lizzie Davis… Laura Baker…”

I was relieved and on edge at the same time. Blaire’s name had not been called, meaning she had to be one of the top three. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my cousin had closed her eyes, holding Wilbur tight in her arms.

“And now,” The judge announced primly, looking over the crowd. “If our top three finalists will come to the stage when called, beginning with third place.”

I squeezed Blaire’s hand.

Rosie MacDonald!

A curly haired girl bounced up on stage, herding a flock of chickens in front of her. She received her ribbon proudly as applause filled the air.

But Blaire had still not been called yet.

The judge straightened her hat and cleared her throat. “Ahem, moving on to second place..”

This was it. We were getting closer.

Blaire grabbed my hand with a hopeful squeeze.

Miss Blaire Wilson has won second place!

At that, my cousin’s eyes flew open in shock.

“I won… I actually won second place!” Blaire shouted , jumping up and down. She dashed up to the stage and shook the judge’s hand heartily.

“Thank you very much, ma’am! Thank you!” I faintly heard Blaire exclaim. She held out her prize with just as much happiness as if it were first place.

No, it was not the blue ribbon she had hoped for— it turned out that another girl and her baby goat would receive that honor. But Blaire didn’t even need a second place award to prove her success. She had already won the moment she decided to begin this adventure, to try something new. And I was thankful to be right beside her every step of the way, just as she was for me.


Once the county fair celebration had subsided, I reflected over the day’s events back in my room as I packed my bags.

Mom was coming to pick me up at any minute. I hurriedly dropped things in each tote, hoping that somehow I would be able to stay just a few days more.

Honk, honk!

Was she really here to take me home, away from the farm?

Oh, how hard it was to leave! I gazed lovingly upon the stitched quilt, remembering all the nights it kept me cozy. And the window— how many times had I looked out at the sunrise each morning? Lastly, my eyes rested upon the old dresser, where so many surprises had been found. It was then that I remembered I had one last letter to write before heading downstairs to say goodbye.

Pulling from my pocket one of the floral envelopes Blaire had given me earlier this month, I slowly walked over to the dresser and set it gently on the top. Beside the letter, I placed a handmade blue ribbon that I had made for Blaire, because she would always be a winner to me. Then, after one last wistful look, I closed the door to a room full of memories.

Dear Blaire,

Where do I begin? This summer was better than I had ever imagined possible. I will admit that it started out a bit bumpy when I spilled milk at the barn, but because of Maybelle, I learned not to give up when an obstacle comes my way. Thanks to Charlotte, I know that it takes confidence to keep going towards your goals. Cat taught me that sometimes things just need a little time to grow before they can blossom. Aunt Maggie shared words of wisdom in the kitchen, helping me understand that cooking is so much more than what it seems. And Granny showed me that it’s always a celebration when you’re with those you love, even if you do shed a few happy tears.

You, Blaire, have been an encouragement to me through thick and thin. You were always there as I embarked on my adventure of becoming a farm girl. Not only that, but you also help me see the something very special— perhaps the most important part of living like a farm girl— and that’s being a true friend. Thank you for my summer on the farm!

Your best pal forever,


The camp farmhands would like to give special thanks to:

Katherine from Elite Doll World, the very talented seamstress who produced our signature camp t-shirts.

Jen from Ellie and Rose Boutique, this year's kind and generous giveaway sponsor.

Rudy from American Girl Ideas, for her wonderful tutorials and printables provided for camp.

Mom, who will forever be my best friend and biggest cheerleader. I love you!

DollBaker24 and Doll PandaLover, the awesome Summer On The Farm photo shoot assistance team.

Mrs. Cynthia, my amazing "personal secretary", who is always there when papers must be printed!

God, maker of this beautiful world and master of all creativity.

And YOU, the campers, thank you for making our four weeks together so memorable!

Thank you for joining us for our summer down on the farm!

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