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Farm Flash Back - Week 2

During Week 2 at camp, we learned how to grow both in the garden and in friendship! This week, we focused on exploring the technology of tractors, planting veggies in the garden, and buzzing about with bees at the apiary.

Each Sunday, we'll be sharing a recap of the week, along with the fabulous photos that our campers send in. If you missed a craft, no worries! Check here for a full list of the animal activities.

Crafts from Week 2: Crops

Want to get a head start on the upcoming crafts? All materials for Week 3 are listed below!


  • Green tissue paper

  • Red pom poms

  • Orange felt

  • White Sculpey clay

  • Yellow Sculpey clay

  • Orange paint and paintbrush

  • Scissors

  • Xacto knife or cutting tool

  • Oven


  • Tan Sculpey clay

  • Green Sculpey clay

  • Yellow Sculpey clay

  • Plastic fork or knife

  • Small, glass brown beads

  • Parchment paper

  • School glue

  • Orange paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Scissors

  • Plastic cup OR any other circular object that will be the same size as your quiche

  • Tinfoil

  • Oven


  • Option #1:

  • Brown, white, red and dark blue Sculpey clay

  • Plastic knife

  • Option #2:

  • Thick brown foam

  • Cotton balls

  • Red and dark blue clay

  • Drink straw

  • Scissors

  • Parchment paper

  • Hot glue gun

Let's see what your doll has been up to at camp in today's Farm Flashback.

Photo by @icecreamdollies2019 - Blaire is having fun on the Farm! There’s so many exciting things happening this time of year at Pleasant View Farm.

Photo by @chelseas_dolls - Allie and Faith out feeding Chickens.

Photo by @agsistagirlz - Ahbri: Whatcha doing over there Kinslee? I’m trying to mow this field. Kinslee: How did you two get out way out here?

Photo by Melangell Perry - Blaire was late getting to Summer in the Farm because she was in the hospital with an eye issue. She has now arrived and is excited to see her bed. She is just in time to help harvest the last of the cool weather vegetables and help plant the summer vegetables. The other girls are learning about bees today and Blaire is hoping to catch up to them tomorrow.

Photo by @mrsjshomeforimaginarygirls - I think this tractor was my favorite DIY yet! Thank you, Doll Days!

Photo by Doll Panda Lover - My Blaire artwork!

Thank you to all the campers who participated in this week's Farm Flashback!

We look forward to seeing more of your farm camp adventures next Sunday.

On Monday, we will start a new week, along with a new theme!

Creativity is all you need to create delicious dishes in the kitchen. But we won't be cooking a farm-fresh feast for just our dolls— grab your own apron and oven mitt for Farm Foods Week!

Can't wait to "see" you there, campers

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