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Farm Flashback: Week 1 - Summer On The Farm 2019

What an udderly fabulous time we've had on the farm! This week's focus was helping your doll settle into the routine of farm life, try her hand at chores, and explore the role of different animals on the farm.

Each Sunday, we'll be sharing a recap of the week, along with the fabulous photos that our campers send in. If you missed a craft, no worries! Check here for a full list of the animal activities.

Crafts from Week 1: Animals on the Farm

Want to get a head start on the upcoming crafts? All materials for Week 2 are listed below!


  • Xacto knife or cutting tool

  • Foam board, thick and thin

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Empty soup can or cylinder

  • Yellow and black cardstock

  • Green and black paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Two paper bowls

  • Three wooden beads

  • Scissors or wire cutters

  • Inner part of a jar lid


  • Foam board

  • Xacto knife or cutting tool

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Green, brown, yellow, and orange felt OR Clay

  • Needle and thread OR hot glue gun

  • Small to medium sized pom poms (Red, green)

  • Small Beads (Brown, white, beige


  • Mini wooden crates

  • Bubble wrap

  • Foam board

  • Xacto knife or cutting tool

  • Small flowers (Faux or Real!)

  • Mini flower pots, OR small bathroom cups

  • Washi tape (Optional)

  • Yellow paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Tulle

  • Bee buttons OR stickers

  • Doll straw hat

  • Ribbon (Optional)

  • Small glass jars (Optional)

Let's see what your doll has been up to at camp in today's Farm Flashback.

Photo by @agdollipops - Just because you've got farm chores to do, doesn't mean you can't look good doing them...Blaire, heading off to milk the cows per excellent directions from Doll Days!

Photos by @icecreamdollies2019 - Blaire has arrived at Pleasant View Farm! She is so ready to spend the summer with her cousin, who should be arriving soon too! One of the first things on the camp agenda is learning to milk a cow! Officially meet Blaire’s cousin, Penny! She has arrived to Pleasant View Farm in just the right “farm” attire.

Photos by @nikkis_ag_adventure

Photos by @mrsjshomeforimaginarygirls - Two excited girls right here. Blaire's cousin, Allison, will be staying on the farm for a whole month! Pleasant View Farm has local farm fresh milk delivered. Blaire taught Allison how to skim the cream off the top of the milk and make butter in a jar.

Photos by @agsistagirlz - Ahbri is excited to join Doll Days for some fun on the farm.

Photo by @chelseas_dolls - The girls noticed the pigs were out of their pin. So they decided to go put them back in.

Photo by Doll Panda Lover - Rebecca won the County Fair pie contest! Ella Paige and her collie write to their friends at home, and the dolls now have their first flock of the year!

Photo by Joanna Fedewa - Saoirse and I are so excited about Doll Days summer in the farm month! We love seeing all the fun craft stuff and can’t wait to make some of it!

Photo by @creativecutlers

Thank you to all the campers who participated in this week's Farm Flashback!

We look forward to seeing more of your farm camp adventures next Sunday.

On Monday, we will start a new week, along with a new theme!

It's time to get growing— in the garden, and in friendship! We have so many fun things planned. Crop-themed crafts, activities, and facts for you and your doll are only the beginning!

Can't wait to "see" you there, campers

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