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Farm Flashback: Week 3 - Summer On The Farm 2019

What a fun time we've had using our creativity in Aunt Maggie's Kitchen for the past few days! This week at camp, we learned how to whip up yummy meals for not only ourselves, but our dolls, too.

Each Sunday, we'll be sharing a recap of the week, along with the fabulous photos that our campers send in. If you missed a craft, no worries! Check here for a full list of the cooking crafts.

Crafts from Week 3: Cooking

Want to get a head start on the upcoming crafts? All materials for Week 4 are listed below!


  • Mini binder clip

  • Scrapbook paper

  • Toothpick or wooden skewer

  • Paints of any color

  • Washi tape

  • Hot glue gun

  • Cardboard or foam board

  • Paper plate

  • Inner part of jar lid

  • Paintbrush

  • Scissors


  • Wide ribbon

  • Faux flowers and greenery

  • Thin Ribbon

  • Communion mini cups

  • Small doll-sized watering can or vase

  • Two large paper-maché X's

  • Four small paper-maché X's

  • Xacto knife, scissors, or cutting tool

  • Foam board (thick and thin)

  • Hot glue gun


  • Scissors

  • Crafts you've made throughout camp

Let's see what your doll has been up to at camp in today's Farm Flashback.

Photos by Madelon - Blaire visited Beach Plum Farm in West Cape May, New Jersey where she fed the chickens and had a delicious lunch.

Photos by @nikkis_ag_adventure - Blaire, Penney, and Nicole gathered together in the kitchen today as they made favorite dessert, Blaire-berry layer cake! They also made yummy chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. They look at their delicious creations and at each other savoring the deliciously sweet moment together.

Photo by @agdollipops - Blaire is thrilled with her crop yield so far this summer!!! There's going to be a bonanza bunch of Awesome Sauce cooking up to give to her friends at the food bank!!! Meanwhile, Penny is thrilled to feel the wind beneath her wings, riding along in the wheelbarrow. Wheeeeeee!!!

Photos by @mrsjshomeforimaginarygirls - Blaire: thank you, Doll Days, for the quiche recipe. It came out beautifully!

Photos by @pebblesandsands_ag - Isabella and Janell going out to feed the chickens and collect some eggs.

Photos by S. Davis - Char, Denise, and Adele are busy in the kitchen.  They have already made a quiche and deviled eggs.  Denise is now making a chocolate cake while Char sits the berries on the table.  Adele is busy trying to sneak a deviled egg.

Photo by @thialeana - Finally got to color this! Yay! Now I just need to color the others!

Photos by Melangell Perry - Blaire is joined by Z and Luciana in the kitchen this week.  They are making a Sunday brunch using some of the fresh fruits and veggies they grew and picked this week. There is a yummy fresh salad and a spinach quiche with fresh berries for dessert.  Looks good girls!

Photos by @icecreamdollies2019 - Careful, Penny! You will probably need an oven mitt to get that quiche out.

Photos by @pebblesandsands_ag - Janell collecting honey for our very special guest.

Thank you to all the campers who participated in this week's Farm Flashback!

We look forward to seeing more of your farm camp adventures next Sunday.

On Monday, we will begin the FINAL WEEK of Summer On The Farm!

Everything has built up to this moment— it's time to celebrate at the Farm Feast! Join us as we plan, prep, and decorate for our doll's barnyard party.

Can't wait to "see" you there, campers

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