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Farm Flashback - Week 4

For the final week of Summer On The Farm, we celebrated with the farm feast and county fair. Over the past six weeks, countless crafts and stories were shared along with photos of our campers' adventures! Though posting new activities was fun, I always looked forward to seeing what you made when the Farm Flashback arrived on Sundays!

Though SOTF has officially ended, the posts will still be available to view! You can browse through the different articles by clicking the "Doll Farm Camp 2019" tab which will soon be added to our blog header. And remember, though camp has come to a close, you can still send in pictures of the crafts you made at any time during the summer! Photos submitted will be featured here or on the Doll Days Instagram account.

Crafts from Week 4: Celebration

Let's see what your dolls have been up to in today's Farm Flashback.

Photos by Nikki - Blaire, Penney, and Nicole are at the fun county fair this sunny morning. Penney holds Blaire’s hand as she excitedly hears the judge say her little piggy won! Everyone cheers: yay Blaire! And Blaire smiles proudly right next to her adorable little piglet!

Photos by @creativecutlers - The barn is finally done being renovated blaire is really excited. Emily and Lily are enjoying a picnic

Photos by ForestPoodle88 - Sophie and Nicole are overjoyed with their new hen, Wilhelmina and her chicken coop. They are so excited to catch up on more SOTF crafts! Here's cousins Sophie, Hailey, Nicole, Charlotte and Emilia, hanging out in their cabins.

Photos by Linda Reynolds - Saige and Lea are gathering some of their harvest to have a nice big salad for lunch.

Photos by S. Davis - Denise, Char, and Adele try to shoo the chickens from the dinner table.  After several unsuccessful attempts, they decide to have chicken for dinner.

Photos by @mrsjshomeforimaginarygirls - Jess: Here's the produce you wanted for Allison's farm party. I'm going to miss her. Blaire: Oh! These are the BEST! Thank you! I'm going to miss her too. This month has flown by! Jess: (sniffs) It smells heavenly in here. Blaire: It's quiche...why don't you go sit down and I'll bring you some.

Photos by @dollsarelife31 - Blaire and her pig enjoying the lovely weather!

Photos by @chelseas_dolls - The girls wanted throw a party for their friends to show off all stuff they learned on the farm. So let the party planning begin the girls got their clipboards and party planning list together.

Once again, thank you all for your participation and support during Summer On The Farm 2019!

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