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Felicity's Afternoon Adventure

Clip, Clop, Clip Clop.

Felicity's shoes echoed noisily on the shady cobblestone streets of Williamsburg. The warm July sunshine beat down her back, but Felicity didn't mind. She had just returned from a visit to Father's store. With the task complete and her basket full of wildflowers, Felicity started on the road to home.

Well, she was supposed to take the road home. A small country path branched off from the main street. Felicity's spirit of adventure and curiosity got the best of her, and so she decided to follow it.

Flowers blossomed on either side of the path. Before she knew it, Felicity was lost in a daydream. She imagined herself atop Penny, gliding through open fields, the wind blowing her hair-

Meow! Mrrrrow...

A small whimper pulled Felicity out of her daydream and back into reality. What was that?


Wandering off the path, Felicity strayed towards the sound.

"Why, it's a kitten!" Felicity exclaimed.

And a kitten, indeed! Underneath a flower bush crouched a small calico cat with gleaming yellow eyes.

Gently dropping her basket to the ground, Felicity watched the curious feline as it bounced over to her. It cautiously took a whiff of Felicity's flowers and sneezed.

"Here, girl... Here kitty, kitty," Felicity coaxed sweetly. She stretched out her arms to the ground.

"Meow!" The kitten cried, and suddenly scampered off into the garden.

Felicity sighed. 'So much for that!'

Turning back to the path, she brushed off her skirt. That moment, a blur of color swept past Felicity. Startled, she stood still. What else was in this strange garden?

All at once, a small bird landed on Felicity's finger. She held her breath in delight as the tiny creature began chirping a song.

Tweet, tweedle dee, tweet!

"Well done!" Felicity exclaimed as the bird finished its melody. "What a pleasant day this has turned out be, and to think- all because I stumbled upon a mysterious road!"

Adventure can be found anywhere, not just in daydreams! Sometimes you just have to take a new path to find it.

I don't think I've ever formally introduced Felicity on the blog!

Felicity arrived in May of this year for my little sister's birthday. After our first photoshoot, I will admit that I'm absolutely in love with her. She's so photogenic! Felicity's free spirit and her heart for adventure open up so many new opportunities. I'm already dreaming of ideas for the next photoshoot!

Which is your favorite- the new or original Felicity?

-AG Doll Crafter

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