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Giveaway Winner with Lottie and Wilbur

Good afternoon, folks! I'm Lottie, and this here is my pig, Wilbur. Welcome to the barn!

You came by just in time. See, we're trying to discover who will be the winners of our recent farm giveaway. Wilbur and I are in a real pickle. We just can't seem to figure it out!

OINKKKKK!! (Such a difficult situation, indeed.)

Oh, well would you look at that! Wilbur wants you to meet Charlotte, our adorable and super-friendly barn spider. Some people are scared of spiders, but not me and Wilbur! In fact, Charlotte's very talented...

Want show them what you can do Charlotte?

Oink, REEEEEEEEEE!! (Yes, show everyone, Charlotte!)

This is one of Charlotte's famous word webs— isn't it radiant? Hey, wait a second... Look, Wilbur! I think Charlotte has just told us the winners of our giveaway!

Charlotte, Wilbur and I are pleased to announce that Kiara and Emma have won the Summer On The Farm T-shirt Giveaway! Be on the lookout for an email coming your way soon, which will feature more details on how to claim your prize.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for Camp Prep Day, where we'll be packing and preparing our dolls for their farm-filled summer. Can you believe Summer On The Farm Camp is almost here?

Oink oink, squeeeeeeeal! (So exciting!)

-Lottie and Wilbur

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