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My Recent AG Watercolor Artwork

In the doll community, one of my favorite things to see and share is American Girl artwork. It's rare occasion to find creative illustrations of the different characters, and I always get excited when I come across unique artwork!

I began sketching some of the classic historical characters using an old American Girl cookie tin as my guide. Orginally, I planned to illustrate them with my amazing Prismacolor pencils. But then I found an old Crayola watercolor set, and my creative side jumped at the chance to try something different! It was a bit hard using the Crayola paints since they are very thin, however, trying a new art medium is always fun.

The first character to be painted was sweet Kirsten Larson. At the moment I am totally obsessed with Kirsten- her stories, collection, and just Kirsten herself! This was my beginning attempt with the watercolors, so I'm not 100% sure that I'm pleased with the way she looks, but there's a first time for everything, right? And besides, she IS Kirsten Larson! (Eeee!!)

The next portrait is of Felicity. The cookie tin pictured Felicity in her birthday outfit, which is a pretty light pink dress featuring a flower apron. It seemed fairly easy... until I was met with the challenge of finding the right hair color. One moment Felicity's ponytail looked raspberry red, then bright orange, and I'm positive I spent at least an hour testing different shades! Finally I came somewhat close to the color of Felicity's actual hair. Do you think it's a match?

After the re-release of Molly McIntire in Costco stores, I felt inspired to try and capture her patriotic spirit on paper. The way she grins on her new book cover is especially adorable, so I used the illustration as a guide.

And most recently, I finished a painting of Josefina Montoya! This painting was a special request from DollBaker24. Like Felicity, Josefina was also in her birthday dress on the cookie tin. However, her white blouse was not as vibrant as Felicity's petal pink gown, so I took some liberties and added a few splashes of color here and there. Josefina's skin tone is a bit off and her smile certainly is wide, but hopefully I will be able to master painting faces with a little more practice.

I often post everyday doodles and sketches of various AG characters on Instagram, so stop by my account for more American Girl art!

-AG Doll Crafter

P.S. Here's two drawings I completed earlier this year. Somehow I never got around to posting them on the blog!

(Both of these coloring page are available for free in the coloring page section!)

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