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Say Farewell to Tenney, Z, and Gabriela - Retiring Soon!

American Girl shared surprising news with AG Rewards Members yesterday morning- four out of the five dolls in American Girl's contemporary line will be retiring!

The announcement was featured in an email sent to Gold and Berry AG Rewards Members everywhere, stating, "Say farewell to favorite characters"! Tenney, Gabriela, and Z, pose in the image, but Logan most likely will retire with Tenney as well at the end of 2018. This leaves American Girl fans with one contemporary doll remaining- Luciana Vega.

Recent rumors have proven to be true. A mysterious message announcing Tenney's archival appeared on her website page not long ago, which came as a shock to most fans. However, I'm sure none of us expected this! Tenney, Z and Gabriela debuted in 2017; the trio has been available for about a year and a half now, which is a relatively short time considering most dolls retire after at least 3+ years of sales.

Perhaps this is related to the job cuts for 22 American Girl employees last Tuesday. An interesting statement made by Mattel's new CEO, Ynon Kreiz, may explain the reason for these sudden changes.

"On a conference call with analysts, Kreiz blamed the 33% sales drop for American Girl on a misguided effort to turn what had been considered a premium brand into a mass-market business, and promised a correction in strategy." - Article from Quartz at Work

In simple terms, American Girl had always been an exclusive brand until 2016 when a new sales strategy was introduced. There was decline in the quality, yet a huge rise in the number of products. Ynon Kreiz has experience in helping toy companies bring sales back up, which could greatly help American Girl. Hopefully things will change for the better in the coming weeks!

Honestly, I was very surprised to hear this new myself. I expected Tenney and Gabriela to archive soon, but not Z Yang! What do you think of the recent retirements?

-AG Doll Crafter

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