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Winner of the STEM Prize Package - Doll STEM Camp 2018

Before Doll STEM Camp closes for the summer, there's one last mission we need to complete.

Welcome the stars of Camp Conversations, Ella, Luciana, Meg, and Johanna, as they announce the winner of the STEM Prize Package!

"Hallo, it's Johanna!"


"Ah yes, and Orion. We are so excited to have you aboard today!"

"Each of you have inspired us so much during the past six weeks- we absolutely loved hearing your camp stories and seeing your DIY creations. So in celebration of YOU, our fantastic campers, we want to say 'thank-you' in a very special way."

Surprise, there are three giveaway winners!

"Please give Meg a round of applause as she announces the third place winner, the recipient of a $10 American Girl E-Gift Card!"

"Ahem... thanks, Johanna! The winner of the third place prize is..."

Hanna Quantz!

"Congratulations, Hanna!"

"Best wishes to Hanna Quantz, our third place prize winner! Now, on to the second place winner, presented by Ella."

"The next special camper will receive a $15 American Girl E-Card from the Doll STEM Camp Crew. Congratulations to...


"And finally... the moment we all have been waiting for... Please welcome the one and only Luciana Vega, as she announces the first place champion of the STEM Prize Package Giveaway!"

"Hello, campers! I'm honored to share the grand prize winner of this summer's giveaway. Congratulations to..."

"The recipient of the prize package..."

"The winner of Doll STEM Camp's Giveaway Ceremony..."

Ellie L.! You are the first place winner!

"Once again, congratulations to the winners! Be on the lookout for an email coming your way soon. We would like to thank all entrants participating in the giveaway. There are more fun giveaways coming soon; we will keep you posted! Until next time, goodbye campers!"

What an unforgettable summer this has been! We loved spending every minute of it crafting, creating, and connecting with YOU. Though Doll STEM Camp is coming to an end, don't stop sharing your photos! We will be sharing your creations in the Camp Recap for the remainder of summer- every day is a Doll STEM Camp Day!

We have one last gift for all campers. The Camp Counselors would like to present you with your very own official Doll STEM Camp Certificate!

Each and everyone one of you has truly earned it, and so have your dolls!

Print the doll-sized certificates HERE.

The Doll STEM Camp Counselors would like to give special thanks to:

Erin Teagan, for her wonderful interview and inspiring STEM fans everywhere.

Katherine from Elite Doll World, the very talented seamstress who produced our signature camp t-shirts.

Brandy from Brandy's Happy Home, one of our awesome guest crafters.

Rudy from American Girl Ideas, for her incredible DIY Maker Station plans.

Mom, who always showed unfailing love, encouragement and assistance, from the very beginning to the end of camp. I love you!

DollBaker24 and Doll PandaLover, the amazing Doll STEM Camp support team!

God, the master of all creativity.

And YOU, the campers, thank you for making our six weeks together so memorable!

Our STEM-filled summer was out-of-this-world!

Mission accomplished!

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